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The Basics

Class 1

Guidelines that will help change your consciousness and step you up into new energy, grounding, running energy, reclaiming lost energy, getting into your psychic space, tools to increase your psychic abilities in seconds, clearing perfect pictures that block you, basic psychic exercises for answering questions, getting answers from your Higher Self, grounding and clearing a space, and so much more! These are all the tools you need to progress through the workshops. It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Vital tools to keep yourself safe and protected energetically in these troubling times. You will learn guidelines that keep you safe, protected, and keep you from accruing karma, several methods of shielding, how to protect yourself from entities and their control, remove people’s influence from your space, avoid manipulation, learn how to keep your gateways to other realms closed so entities don’t get into your energetic space, using the Violet Flame and roses to clear energy and protect, and much more! This workshop is vital before beginning any psychic or healing work. Those that don’t have these tools are at risk of opening themselves up to low-vibration entities and could be tricked into thinking these beings are their true guides. Doing healing work without these tools can open you up to adopting other people’s energetic problems. These skills are very important to people wanting to open up their psychic abilities during these troubled times. Opening to your abilities without them can have you experiencing instability, mood swings, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances and much more. It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Developing Clairvoyance part 1

Amazingly easy and effective tools to instantly increase your clairvoyant abilities and tap into your hidden resources! You will learn how to properly read tarot and other oracle cards, do Yes or No readings, read your spiritual growth, determine when people are lying to you, get answers from your Higher Self, determine your spiritual journey, purpose in this life, and next step, begin to read other people, clear and activate your different psychic pathways, and much more! This workshop helps you develop your skills so you can use them to improve your life and decision-making ability! It prepares you for the next class where you will learn to put your psychic ability to use reading others. It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Developing Clairvoyance part 2

Develop your abilities to advanced levels. In this exciting workshop you will meet with your true spirit guides and use tools that have been proven effective in keeping you safe from imposters and low vibration entities that might claim they are your guides. This is the best and safest method I know and I trust it completely! Working with your guides will change your life and increase your knowledge in so many ways. You will meet with spirit guides and learn games you can play with them to increase your clairvoyance. You will benefit from this direct access to a knowledgeable source of information! You will learn how to access your Akashic Records, work with the Record Keeper to keep your information updated and eliminate old patterns that you have outgrown. You will learn how to clear your karma, astral project, and travel to the Cathedral of the Souls where you can get amazing spiritual insight! This workshop opens you up to the possibilities available to you as a clairvoyant and really helps you expand your consciousness and your life! It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Chakra and Aura Readings

This is an expansive workshop for all those interested in using their new found and developed psychic abilities to heal themselves and others. You will learn to read the aura, colors, chakras, and even how to clear emotions and energy from a person! We go through the 7 layers of the aura, the 8 major chakras, colors of the aura and their meaning, and even how to heal the aura. You will be able to amaze your family and friends by the detailed information you can relate to them after learning to read their basic energy! It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Low-Vibration Entities

This important and most life-changing workshop is learning about low-vibration entities, how they influence you, and how to remove them from your life and the lives of others. In this workshop you will learn what low-vibration entities are, how to see them, and what they do. You will learn how they influence people, how to recognize influence, how they attach, and how to remove them from your life and the lives of others. You will use tools to determine entities that have been passed down from parents and how they influence your behavior and views of the world. You will look at your trance medium channels and learn to clear them. You will discover if you are a person with a high amount of trance medium ability, and are therefore prone to the influence of entities. You will learn what to do to correct this. You will learn when a being is invading your space and how to make them get out. You will learn about snakes, spiders, and other LVEs and how to remove them. You will learn about ‘aliens’ and how to remove blocks to seeing them and blocks to your memory if you have been assaulted by them. The most important thing you will learn in this class is the Eraser Tool that will allow you to erase LVEs out of existence and thereby free you of their influence. This powerful tool usually drives them out just by showing it to them. Once you have this knowledge, you will be empowered to help yourself and others in an undeniable and life-changing way! It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Healing Yourself and Others

Meet your healing guides and work with them to perform healings on others. You will also learn how to receive healing in return. Having your guides perform healing and energy clearing on you is an amazing way to receive a healing anytime! You will learn about the 7 energetic bodies and how to clear and heal them. You will learn how to awaken your body and energize it. This information completes your education in my form of energetic healing. It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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Abundance and Communication with the Other Side

This amazing workshop let’s you take your ability to connect with your guides to the next level. You will learn to communicate with the Other Side and reconnect with loved ones. You have already learned the basic skills necessary to do this, now you will take them to the next level, bringing messages of peace, love and forgiveness to those who grieve the loss of someone they loved. You will learn to perform healing on people who have Crossed Over so that they can be freed of the “pain memory” and “drug energy” that causes them to remain at the lower levels. You will experience their gratitude as you clear them of this energy. This is one of the most rewarding uses for your abilities! Healing people who can no longer heal themselves or shop around for healers is a wonderful way to share your gift. You will also learn how to manifest, increase your abundance and remove all blocks to your ability to create the perfect life. These tools can allow you to experience the success and financial security you have longed for. It is essential that you take each class in order and wait a month between each one.

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